Friday, July 3, 2020

WFH Future

Medium/Forge – "The ‘Home Office’ Does Not Exist"

"Then there are the standard business hours, which really don’t work equally well for everyone. Plenty of people do their best work first thing in the morning, but forcing the 9% (or so) of biological night owls to check in by 9 a.m. makes little sense if there’s nothing that has to happen at that time; indeed, it might actually be bad for their health.

When life returns to “normal,” few workplaces will stay fully remote. The most likely model will be a hybrid, with many people working at the office two or three days per week and at home two or three days per week. With this hybrid, the best option will be for teams to realize the upsides of both locations.

Work-from-home days can be structured for flexibility. Collaborating teams can set core hours (say, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) and then let people work around those hours according to their work styles and family situations. Work-from-home days can center around individual, focused work, and in-office days can be more social — it’s easier to be relaxed about that salad bar conversation when you know you have time to get your work done. When they’re in the office, maybe people can take longer lunches and build the sort of trust that allows people to work well together even when they don’t see each other as much."

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