Sunday, October 26, 2008

Amazing Song

Heard it on a Heinikein commercial.

Walter Meego - Forever

The Chicago Reader wrote up a piece on Walter Meego. The Chicago duo released their first LP Voyager (which "Forever" is on) this past May. The group has apparently moved on to Los Angeles and the C.R. had this to describe their move.

Whatever their reasons, LA is a good match for them. Most music from these parts seems to reflect the harshness of the long midwestern winters- it's at least touched with angst and occasionally a real bummer- but Voyager is downright breezy. Something about its chrome-dipped disco makes me picture parties where people pluck hors d'oeuvres off circulating trays and men in linen suits wear sunglasses indoors.

I want to find to this party.

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