Thursday, October 16, 2008

Michael Cera has always been funny to me

I've heard (and read) people complain that Michael Cera's niche character is getting old. But, I can't lie. I still think his character is super funny. Superbad, Juno, and Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

You probably can't read what I'm pointing at in the picture so let me explain. I love browsing itunes celebrity playlists. They show you famous and semi-famous people's preference of music with defense. It's always interesting to find out what people listen to (or what they want you to think they listen to).

One of the most common moves celebrities make in these playlists is putting up music that hasn't quite crossed over yet and on the brink of breaking through to main stream media. These people always like to tell you how big or popular these bands will be.

Read what Cera had to say about Van Morrison's "And It Stoned Me"

"This is this new up and comer, he's going to be big."

And then Frank Sinatra...

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