Friday, October 24, 2008

World Wants Obama

A month-long Gallup poll of 70 countries concluded that 30% of worldly citizens prefer to see Barack Obama as President compared to the dismal 8% that would rather see John McCain.

62% offered no preference. Europeans were the most likely to display preference, whereas Asian countries saw little affect of what candidate won. 

This election is vital for Americas position in the worlds view of our nation, especially in such dramatic times of an imminent economical disaster. 

As I previously posted. In the words of flimmaker Spike Lee, "The whole world is watching this thing. And America is going to be looked upon as we were post-World War II--as the leader of the free world, instead of as the warmongers we've been the last eight years under the Bush administration. This is a new day."  

The Phillipines and Georgia were the only specific countries that preferred John McCain.

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