Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Moved Evolution of College Football

New York Times - "As Big Ten Declines, Homegrown Talent Flees"

"Big Ten teams won only one title during the 16-year Bowl Championship Series era (Ohio State 2002) and have captured only one other national title since 1971 (Michigan 1997). Penn State won two titles and Nebraska won three titles in the past four decades, before joining the conference."

. . .

"It is not just that the South has risen, though. For decades, the Big Ten’s meal ticket was players from the states of conference members. Ohio was the mother lode, producing talent like Archie Griffin (Columbus), Desmond Howard (Cleveland) and Charles Woodson (Fremont). But increasingly, the Midwest’s young are restless. The region is producing fewer Jerome Bakers, and its Jerome Bakers are less inclined to play there."


New York Times - "College Football Fan Map"

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