Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Super Mega

The Verge - "The story behind The New York Times’ largest and most ambitious crossword puzzle"

"On Friday, The New York Times Magazine dropped a surprise for crossword obsessives everywhere: its latest Sunday edition would include a puzzle-oriented special section of the newspaper called Puzzle Mania. Among the neat collection of puzzle maker interviews and number and word games is a particularly unprecedented challenge, a puzzle larger than any The New York Times has ever constructed. The 50 x 50, 728-clue monstrosity covers two entire broadsheet pages. It may take even experienced puzzle solvers many days to complete.

Jake Silverstein, the current editor of The New York Times Magazine, told The Verge that the goal of these special sections is to reimagine the possibilities of print ...

The goal is to take advantage of the tactile, aesthetic, and nostalgic qualities of ink on paper, at a time when the death of print news is but a foregone conclusion for publications whose digital operations cannot keep them afloat. "

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