Friday, March 10, 2017

Kawhi Leonard's On the Road Diet

GQ - "The Real-Life Diet of Kawhi Leonard"

Q: I’m catching you right in the midst of an eight-game road trip. How hard is it to keep a consistent diet when you’re away from home and in a different city every night?

Leonard: You definitely have to be focused in on it, but it’s difficult trying to eat something that’s good for you on the road. We usually have a nutritionist who will let us know what we should eat and what we shouldn’t eat from the hotel menus. She looks all of that over for us throughout the whole year.

Q: That’s an incredible resource to have. So what is your usual go-to meal when you land in a new city?

Leonard: I just try to stay away from beef and pork. I’ll try to get something like grilled chicken or fish. Something like that with some vegetables.

Q: I know that there are some athletes who travel a lot who rely on places like Chipotle or Subway when they’re on the road. Is there somewhere like that you’ll go if you need a quick meal?

A: I try to go to hole-in-the-wall sandwich places if I do need something quick. Someplace fresh and healthy, like a juice bar. There aren’t really any household names that I go to.

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