Monday, February 1, 2021

The Salish Sea Orcas


The Atlantic – "A Group of Orca Outcasts Is Now Dominating an Entire Sea"

"For many people, the relationship with the whales verges on the spiritual. “It’s hard to describe—it’s like meeting God,” said Balcomb-Bartok, who grew up on the islands and works in communications for whale-watching companies while compiling memoirs and sketches related to the orcas. “They’re so amazing and intelligent and powerful, and yet they are so gentle and so matriarchal and caring and compassionate. There is nothing quite like … the southern residents—the most playful and loving population that you’ll ever meet.”"


Justice League of the Sea (July 2020)

The Future of Our Ocean (April 2020)

Whale Watching (October 2015)

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