Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ghent Light Festival in Belgium

The Ghent Light Festival was hosted in Belgium this past weekend and above and below are the two best highlights from the show.

"Italian family business, Luminarie De Cagna erected a gigantic colonnade as the symbolic entrance to the festival. Illuminated with 55,000 LED bulbs, the colonnade was transformed into a cathedral of light with Renaissance arches. If it appears as though this stunning majestic wonder towering at 28 meters high is a waste of electricity, you’ll be surprised to learn it only consumes 20 Kwatt/h."

And below, I'm unable to translate to learn the artist, but someone has made an aquarium phone booth.

Official Site - La Cabine Téléphonique Aquarium
Flickr - "La Cabine Téléphonique Aquarium"

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