Saturday, December 12, 2020

"Jason Sudeikis revealed a football coach’s soul."


New York Times – "The Best Actors of 2020"

This excerpt by Wesley Morris:

"“Ted Lasso” is a sitcom about a Kansas football coach recruited to lead an English soccer club. Its premise is as baffling as its star’s performance. How has Jason Sudeikis lined this caricature with this much soul? Coach Ted is a goober, barging into offices and banging into people with that blaring twang. In the eyes of the English, he’s a dolt. Sudeikis begs to differ. It’s a cunning piece of acting — broad as a boulevard yet veined by alleyways of solitude and sagacity. The key to the performance is culinary: Ted’s a secret gourmand, and Sudeikis works accordingly. He’s savoring what a lesser star would gnaw. "

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